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Vasilios Gardiakos

Throughout much of my early life I had the desire to write. I am not sure how it got in my head but it did that I would not be writer until my next lifetime. If there is a next lifetime is another subject which I hope to cover elsewhere. I felt that though I had the desire I did not have the skill necessary to write or perhaps I was just too lazy; maybe that was it. I had a few ideas floating about what to commit to paper but that is as far as it got. You have this website that offers you the chance to judge for yourself if I should have waited till my next lifetime to write.

During the many years of doing research on advanced gum disease I realized that I should compile the many fragments of notes into a book, which obviously entails writing. While writing The Smile Method - How to Avoid Gum Surgery I slowly picked up the skills to write. Those were the years that I learned to use the computer. Microsoft Word was a great help as it allowed me to edit ad nauseum until I wrote something presentable. I have never mastered the art of writing continuously un-edited text, and am still envious of writers that can. As you may have already noticed my grammar needs improvement. However, slowly my dream of becoming a writer in the next lifetime became a reality in the present one. Ok, granted I still have some way to go, but the trip will be fun for me the writer and hopefully also enjoyable for you the reader.

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My sister Vasiliki, a short story writer had often encouraged me through the years to write, in this life time. Even though I lacked the skill and confidence my sister conveyed to me with certainty that I could do it. The seeds she planted slowly germinated.

My two short-short stories Accurate Diagnosis and A story About You were greatly influenced by my friend Georgia Post who herself writes in this style. I am grateful to both my sister Vasiliki and my friend Georgia for their persistent encouragement and support.

Yes, I have a few unfinished stories which I hope to finally fill the missing blanks and publish here on this site. So keep checking back here for them. To whet your curiosity here are the titles Mr. Default, Two Criminals, The Bodyguards, The Un-Do Machine. Sorry no sneak previews are available!

I have also dabbled in poetry, humor and one-liners and Self-referential statements. My writing tends towards short staccato style. One may consider most of everything written on this website as being under "My Writings" category. That which I have not authored is noted by giving credit to the author.


Accurate Diagnosis  A Story About You
My Sister Vasiliki

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