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Who Am I?
My Life's Journey in Keywords!

Vasilios Gardiakos

Vasilios, Vas, Gardiakos, Lucky

-1, 0, 3, 4, 7, 9, 10, 11, 14, 22, 41, 44, 46, 59, 77, 88, 146, 159, 163, 259, 169, 269, 314, 1821, 2728, 4847, infinity, zero

New York City, Detroit, Belle Isle, family, friends, 50's music,

rockets, Rocket Squad, two stage  rocket, ants, chess, trisection, squaring a circle, hypnosis, spiral, technology,

Assumption Greek Orthodox Church, alter boy, Sunday school, Greek school, Cookie parakeet, baseball, batting apples, camp, Elvis, hypnosis, cool, horseback riding,

LiilyBride Elementary School, double promoted, Dwayne, bully, wrestling, skinny, Foch Junior High School,

pi, Proof of the Existence of God,, SETI, Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence, ETI, Extra Terrestrial Intelligence, free will, gravity, memory, time travel,

Albrite Inc.,, The Zmile Treatment, The Smile Method, VitaPick, MicroPick, Happick, periodontitis, gum disease, avoid gum surgery,

photo stamps, photography, lenticular 3D photography, abstract photography, Sun Coast Camera Club, photorealism, photojournalism, black and white, Kalamata earthquake photos,

paint, paintings, unique paint brushes, art, camouflage, abstract, patterns, painter, collector, art galleries, Tampa Gallery of Photographic Arts, Museum of Fine Arts - St. Petersburg, Tampa Museum of Art, Gulf Coast Museum of Art, Chicago Artists Coalition, thumbprint,

abstract, impressionism, phosphene art, patterns, Art by Vas t-shirt, x-rated impressionism, pointillism, fine art photography

Chicago and Northwestern Railroad, brakeman, screw machine operator, radial drill operator, printer, collator, Twist, beak of the week, skeet shooting, Greek, English, French-German-Spanish, farm

1954 Plymouth, 1949 Chevy convertible, 1953 Chevy, 1958 Olds Convertible, 1959 Chevy convertible, 1964 Ford Galaxy, 1965 Opal Kadet,  1961 Sprite, 1958 VW bug, 1973 VW Bus, 1974 Saab Sonnet, 1958 Edsel, 1974 Dodge Wagon, 1974 Rambler, 1953 Studebaker, 1964 Ford Falcon, 2002 Fiat Stilo, 1998 Jeep Cherokee, 2000 Grand Cherokee,

Chicago, North Avenue Beach,  Maxwell Street, Skip's, Bon-Bons, PJ's, 1-2-3, Yvette,

Lakeshore Ski Club, Santa Claus Anonymous, Pine Point Ski Club, Chicago Walkers,

Roditis, Greek Islands, Halsted Street, Lincoln Avenue, Lawrence Avenue,

Athenian Room, gyros, souvlaki, instant success, red sauce, white sauce, Glascott's, hippies, cigarette chicken scars, Elephant Man, Gare Saint Lazare,

greenhouse design, IBG, drafting, structural engineering, architecture, commute, basketball paper clip, Sears, kitchen,

cars, biking, weight lifting, chess, checkers, Chinese checkers, Monopoly, Harley side shifter, Winston, Marlboro, smoker, ex-smoker, Schlitz,

skiing, Head skis, Alpine Valley, Mustang chase,

International Diversified, import-export, elephants, flokati rugs, advertising, ice-cream trike,

atheism, freethinking, God, reality, existence, proof, evidence, chaos, order, reincarnation, everything is not possible,

Cyprus, protest, demonstrations, signs, letters, Washington DC, Jack Anderson,

UFO, paranormal, Gurdjieff, Ouspensky, CSICOP, The Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal, Randy the Magician, Tampa Bay Skeptics, oracle,

jogging, race walking, Lakeshore Drive, Zoo, weightlifting, biking, New Balance, drag racing,

Midwest Committee for Rational Inquiry, The Chicago Council On Foreign Relations, Chicago Artist's Coalition, TNS, Iqarus, Vidya, Hemlock Society, torture, Socrates Cafe

number theory, prime numbers, constants, perfect numbers, Greek cross,

self-referencialism, fractals, self-referential statements, existence, non-existence, black holes, anti-gravity, universe, evolution, artificial intelligence, artificial sentience, science, time, singularity, black holes

Cosmology, astrophysics, existentialism, TOE, Theory Of Everything, string theory, dimentions, motionlessness, Euclidean geometry, non-Euclidean geometry, grand unification theory, tachyons, slow light, tetragonidzein,

ESP, existence, non-existence, God, UFO, parapsychology, astral projection, occult, levitation

meditation, yoga, BOTA, tarot cards, austral projection, re-incarnation, pre-existence, flying dreams, white light, black light,

Visual Audio Sales, projection TV, bid screen TV, front and rear projection projection screens, FasTag, Velcro, projection screen research,

Wright Junior College, Deans Honor List, scholarship, self-exile, Austin High School, class of 1964, football, Green Grill, Skip's, Bon-Bon, Riverview Park,

Mississippi River, Chicago River, Aethra, wine cellar, Juliet, Montrose Harbor, New Orleans, Maple Leaf, Cedar Keys, locks, fast current, anchor, storm, upstream, Gulf of Mexico, Little Shotsie, Tarpon Springs Sponge Docks,

inventions, paddleboard skateboard, wave powered boat, wave energy, powered skis, Inventors Council, patent research, perpetual motion machine, desalination, software, telephone,

Land of Lincoln Sky Divers, Hebron Airport, target, runway, first flight, ear popping, thrill, acrophobia,

stocks, stock market, stock broker, investment club, mutual funds, NASDAQ, charts, options, gold smuggling, notes, appointment book, regrets, garage sales, auction, lotto,

music, music studio, Dichotomy, Maxi 294 key keyboard mid controller, midi mapping, Steinway upright, Elka MK88, Kurzweil 250RMX, Kurzweil 1000, Proteus,

Greece, Kalamata, Piko, Avocado, papaya, Athens, Stoupa, Mount Kalathi, Mount Taiyetos, Athens News, Monastiraki, Filiatra,

Chicago's 1967 snowstorm of the century, 1972 Chicago earthquake, 1986 Kalamata earthquake, greenhouse effect

Mykonos, Rhodes, Kos, Hydra, Delos, fight, Las Vegas, Grand Canyon, Arizona, farm

computers, Tampa Bay Computer Society, internet, technology, ebay, search engine optimization, high ranking,

Pythagoras, Pythagorean God, GodA, ETI-A, Zeus, Dodecatheon, Antikythera Device, mythology, Shelley, Edith Hamilton, Thales,

Douglass R. Hofstadter, Martin Gardner, Alan H. Guth, Andrei Linde, Carl Sagan, Stephen Hawking,

American Natural Hygiene society, Shangri-la, water fasting, raw vegetable diet, distilled water, sprouts,

restless leg syndrome, RLS, lower back pain, neck pain, ergonomics, silver/mercury amalgams, gold crowns, line looser, icosidollariophobia,

Florida, hurricanes, Tarpon Springs, Crystal Beach, Clearwater, Hollywood, Bonita Springs,

Xarhakos, Hadzidakis, Theodorakis, Xilouris, Yani, Eleni Karaindrou, Dimitris Mavromatis, Costa Kotselas,

beard, new years eve, mustache, clean shaven, hair transplant, balding, itchy scalp, genius bone,

massage, massagers, back scratcher, blood donor, thumb trick, thumb to wrist, parking, finger gymnastics, tight parking space, regrets, dialog, monolog, cancer,

Acropolis, Parthenon, Constantinople, Smyrna, Epirus, Pontus, Japanese, Olympics, amphictionies,

animation, ASIFA, VMA, computer animation, abstract animation, Animation Festivals,

second toe, 90 degree icons, sock fetish, wild socks, doodle,

mountains, sea, water, trees, sunset, full moon, Mango, Figs,

Beethoven, Bach, Vivaldi, Albinoni, Respighi, Sibelius, Mozart,

classical Music, Greek music folk and modern, jazz, trance, Goa, new age, space, minimalism, Romance, "Killing Me Softly With His Song" by Roberta Flack, bass, Hearts of Space, Musical Star Streams,

Feta, whole wheat bread, 100% Extra Virgin Olive oil, olives, halva, melo-halva, pita,

Squid, Red Snapper, Rubin sandwich, pate, Greek fish soup, French onion soup, stifado, Greek village salad, Peking Duck, sushi, Chinese buffet, Danny Ks,

green beer, ouzo, Delphi wine festival, Retsina, Naoussa Boutari, red wine, white wine, beer, scotch and water, Metaxa, Baileys, Dunkin Donuts,

alternative medicine, vitamin c, vitamin C IV, sodium ascorbate, colloidal silver, mild silver protein, chromium picolinate, chiropractic, homeopathic, hydrogen peroxide, chicken headache, sugar headache,

scuba diving, snorkeling, swimming, fins, mask, ancient vase, Glifada, Marathon,

AKG headphones, Infinity speakers, Polk speakers, Sansui, Marantz, M&K, Event speakers, Advent speakers, subwoofers, tube amplifier, Cerwin-Vega DX-7,

Serbia, Kosovo, demonstrations, oil pipeline, propaganda Hague Court of Justice, Armenian Genocide, Pontian Genocide, Dukakis campaign, moral, ethical, war, peace, democracy, plutarchy, old money, wealth, poor, workers,

Document A, prime, Fibonacci, Alphagorean, omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresent, omni-benevolent, pi-day, Pythagoras day, geometry, Outliers of Florida, pond, tile

Note: The keywords are some times grouped and other times random. They are listed at best in a vague semblance of chronological order.


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