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99.9999% to Infinity

Wow! 99.9999999... % to infinity is almost 100%. Wrong! it is 100%! Don't believe me? Answer

Missing Arms Photo

The reason we see ancient Greek sculptures with missing heads, arms and penises is due to Christian hatred and need to destroy all that the Greek civilization had to offer. Thou the ravages of time did some damage many of these beautiful statues may have been in pristine condition after 2,500 years if it were not for the Christians.

Aghia Sophia

Aghia Sophia (Holly Wisdom) in Constantinople has no external protruding structural supports or buttresses yet it has been standing for 1700 years, through countless earthquakes.

* C

Architects of Aghia Sophia: "Anthemius of Tralles" and "Isidore of Miletus"

Aghia Sophia, once the center of the Greek Orthodox Religion, it is now a museum and no longer functions as a Christian Cathedral. The Turkish government will not allow it. It would be great if the Orthodox faith, one of the worlds great religions could again be seated in Aghia Sophia. I propose that the Aghia Sophia get the same sovereignty and protection afforded to the Vatican, even more so as it is in hostile territory.

On a similar note, Greek religious sites, temples to the Gods, amphitheaters and other monuments built in ancient times and now occupied by Turkey should be offered international protection. The Turks financially exploit these sites and do not even mention that they are Greek. I suspect other cultures have similar problems with their big and powerful neighbors. These big bullies should not be allowed to mutilate the cultural heritage of others.

By the way, the Renaissance, the rebirth of Greek ideas and innovation was initiated Constantinople, renamed Istanbul by the Turks. Prior to the Renaissance, Constantinople was the center of Greek learning. See

= Olla Kalla (in Greek it means all is well). Ok, I admit there is some dispute regarding the origins of ok. Ok?

Non-Euclidian Geometry in Ancient Greece

Interesting that the ancient Greeks had issues with the parallel postulate. See:


The twenty million or more Kurds is the biggest nationality in the world without their own country. Such a large nationality should be supported by the big powers to gain independence and a homeland inside their territory.


The True Modern Olympics

I propose that we commemorate the 1859, 1870, 1875 and 1889 Modern Olympics. These Olympics were held in Greece prior to the Olympic revival in 1896 and should be recognized as the Original Modern Olympics.

* First attempts
Prologue: The Legend
The Modern Olympics
Effect of the Greek Olympics upon the constitution of the modem Olympics
Poems of the Week: The Olympics
The Olympic Games - Then and Now 

Besides the Olympic Games there were three other Pan-Hellenic Festivals which included the Pythian Games, the Isthmian Games and the Nemean Games. How about if we initiate a complete game festival revival?

Second Toe

Have you noticed that all Greek statues have the toe next to the big toe longer than the large toe? Also have you noticed that in Greek Orthodox icons the feet are set at 90 degrees. Why? I do not know and for those with inquiring minds see *. No, I do not have a foot fetish!

At present my second toe is shorter than my big toe. This has changed several times during my life as I willed it. I know it sounds odd that my second toe would do this but it does. Believe it or not! No, I do not have a foot fetish!

* In the process of trying to find a photo of a long second toe I came upon a site that discusses this issue. Apparently podiatrist Dudley J. Morton also noticed it:
No, I do not have a foot fetish! Now a sock fetish? Well I won't say.

Share Your Coments With The Cosmos

Geocentric Theory

When Nicolas Copernicus published Revolutions of the Heavenly Bodies in 1543, he was reviving the discarded heliocentric theory of the century BCE Greek thinker Aristarchus. In the highly technical work Copernicus launched a head-on assault against Ptolemaic geo-centrism. The main issue between Copernican astronomy and the older worldview was not one of mathematical precision, for both were mathematically solid and thus equally able to predict planetary positions and solar and lunar eclipses. Rather, the basic question between the two systems was which was simpler. Much of the reason for the longevity of Ptolemy's geocentric calculations was the they could be used to predict the motion of the planets.

Galileo described Copernicus as the "restorer and confirmer," not the inventor of the heliocentric hypothesis. For most of the 1,800 years between Aristarchus and Copernicus nobody knew the correct disposition of the planets, even though it had been laid out perfectly clearly around 280 BCE. The idea outraged some of Aristarchus contemporaries. There were cries, like those voiced about Anaxagoras and Bruno and Galileo, that he be condemned for impiety. The resistance to Aristarchus, a kind of geocentricism in everyday life, remains with us: we still talk about the Sun "rising" and the Sun "setting." It is 2,200 years since Aristarchus, and our language still pretends that the earth does not turn.

The Twelve Greek Popes of the Catholic Church

Agatho | Anterus | Dionysius | Eleuterus | Hyginus | John VI |
John VII | Sixtus II | Telesphorus | Theodore I | Zacharias | Zosimus

The Atom

The size of each atom is not tiny as we normally think that they are. Each atom is actually the size of the universe. Its sp
here of influence fills the complete universe. Its influence radiates outward from the atom having an effect on all phenomena including each every other of the nearly countless other atoms in the universe. This influence distorted by all the other atoms and phenomena then returns back to where it started. 

To extrapolate since we are made of atoms we also the size of the universe. Our brains are the size of the universe and we, all of us occupy the same space at the same time. Only the tiny center of the atoms cannot occupy the same space at the same time.

Did The Founding Fathers Almost Vote to Speak Greek?

After the successful American Revolution, the founding fathers turned to classical Greece, its sense of democracy and culture, upon which to erect the foundations of the new Nation. This classical revival affected education, painting, sculpture, theater, even women's fashions. Shortly after the American Declaration of Independence, a motion was introduced in the Continental Congress to adopt Greek as the national language. Many of the Founding Fathers considered Greek to be the most fitting form of expression for the direct successor in spirit to the Athenian Republic. The motion was defeated by one vote. Benjamin Franklin, one of the dissenters, explained tha
t he considered it more practical for the Americans to keep English and let the British learn Greek.

* Spotlight&id=6

Greek - The International Language:
Greek is the ideal international language because it has the homogeneity and richness of German, the flexibility of Spanish, the precision of French and the musicality of Italian.

Answer (see 99.9999% to Infinity)
1/3 = .33333...
1/3 = .33333...
1/3 = .33333...
1    = .99999...


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