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Accurate Diagnosis

Vasilios Gardiakos

Doctor in a condescending voice asks:
How many specialists have you seen?

Doctor I can’t remember the exact number but it’s quite a few. I feel I must get the answer. I must find out why I feel the way I do. 

The patient pauses nervously and then continues.
It is weird that just a few weeks ago I woke up feeling odd. I mean really kind funny. I have to know what is wrong. I just have to. I am not the suspicious type but I feel that the other doctors are hiding something from me.

Doctor in an amused voice comments:
Well, you are lucky. Just a few minutes ago the lab sent up your test results. Well let me see here. (as he opens the envelope)

No Doc. The patient pleads.
Please be straight with me. Please read it out loud to me, the whole thing as is.

The doctor cautiously stutters:
Hmm. Ok. Well. This is not proper but here it is if you insist.

“The Patient has an extremely rare disorder in lay terms called Persistent Diagnosis Seeker Syndrome which causes him to continuously seek out the answer of what is wrong. Upon finding the”


The doctor drops to the floor.

The patient picks up the note from the hand of the fallen doctor and trembling with gun in hand, continues nervously to read the note.

“diagnosis, he is greatly disappointed and may become confused and violent."

"It is important that this note is not seen by the patient a he may kill the person that informs him of the diagnosis and at the slightest suggestion may commit suicide”.



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