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Original One Liners
and some with more than one line

by Vasilios Gardiakos


Soon to be Famous Quotes. You can quote me!

With my bad luck they will invent the means to immortality and I will be the last person to die.

I forgot, is memory the first thing that goes?

I will not go to war to defend or spread an ideology that I cannot prove is valid.

Yes, I will eventually write "How to End Procrastination"

You know what they say about procrastination? Iíll tell you about it later!

Everything is possible except that everything is not possible.

The biggest lies are things not said.

"Everything in moderation" but certainly not ingesting arsenic in moderation!

The improbable occasionally happens and the highly improbable happens very rarely.

Is the glass half empty or half full?
If in the Sahara Desert it is half empty!
If at Niagara Falls it is half full!

First solute the heroes then mourn the victims.

There would be not atheists if there were no theists.

In fiction and non-fiction literature, there is nothing more evil than the creation of hell.

Life and Consciousness

If all can be mathematized as Pythagoras proposed then a mathematical model may be found which may lead to giving computer consciousness.

The animal and human genetic code now digitized will be experimented then manipulated to evolve into a computer intelligent and sentient life form.

We are too imperfect to have been created by God.

If all is mathematics then so is our soul or mind.

Reality and Existence

We exist because it is too late for the alternative.


The realm of possibilities includes our existence.


Existence is the default state.


Existence is a subset of non-existence.


Non-existence is a mathematical impossibility.

It is weird that existence is the default state rather than non-existence.


Existence is an anomaly of non-existence


Stability is not ordained. Everything is unstable. Existence is unstable. Non-existence is unstable. Zero is unstable.


Perhaps the default state of existence/non-existence is that everything must exist.


Existence happens from the simplest principle not the most complex.


Existence is a default self-referential virtual infinite quantum gravitational computer holographic mnemonic interactive software multi-dimensional fractal algorithmic sentient stimulated dynamic continuum.  


Reality is a thin slice of the chaotic continuum. 

There is a raw mathematical energy that occasionally has a flare up. The flare up is a mathematical matrix that we live in. Our reality.


The smallest denominator of all things is numerical.


Reality does not seem to mind complexity nor does it lack the resources to be complex.


I cannot recall consenting to my existence. However, first I must exist to be able to consent. Now that I exist I consent to never have existed. Too late!


Too bad the Intelligent Designer did not believe in perfection.


Endorphins calibrate and regulate ones perception of reality.


Most people see existence, our reality that we perceive, as the base-line that defines normal. I see non-existence as the base-line and our present reality as out of the ordinary be explored with curiosity.


If we were not acclimated to this reality we would think it was weird.


Existence is so pervasive that it cannot be ignored.





Where was I during the 13 billion years between the big bang and the day when I was born? Wherever I was it sure seems that those 13 billion years went by very fast.


I used to believe that only primitive societies practiced siesta, until I moved to Greece. There I practiced it faithfully until I perfected it. Now I believe only advanced societies set aside time for siesta.


If someone is five minutes late, donít wait as they can be an hour or more late.


The five states Busy:
1. Busy doing nothing

2. Busy dreaming about doing something

3. Busy accomplishing nothing

4. Busy trying to make money

5. Busy making money


Dream dreams then wake up, get up and work to make them come true.


Strangers occasionally call me to tell me that they called the wrong number. Do people do this to you too? Straaange!


The only thing worst than not having enough time to accomplish your objective is having too much time.

Pi Day


What time did Pythagoras figure that a squared plus b squared = c squared?
Answer: 3:45. It's supposed to be funny! I have no sense of humor




Compared to our present life, reincarnation, immortality or life after death is a mere triviality.


The probability of reincarnation, life after death etc., is considerably enhanced by our present existence. Dah!


That people live two times has to be more or less correct.


I just hope that in an alternate universe the person that is playing my part is well qualified.


Is death similar to pre-birth?

Share Your Coments With The Cosmos

People and Animals


What a really abstract concept, me, or for that matter you.


Great that slavery is over. Instead of owning people now we rent them.

I love animals and humans. I own neither.

Pet owners love animals. Too bad animals are often killed to feed their pets.

How disgusting the eating of carcasses by animals and humans.

The reason people walk their dogs is so that they can dump on someone elseís yard. But
why my yard??

Day people do that which night people day dream about doing.

The smartest people ask the most questions.


The amount of time devoted to learning and practicing a religion, one can easily learn mathematics.

It takes effort to listen and for some people no effort to talk and hence why we have so
many talkoholics.

Why people talk so much is because it easier to talk than to listen and it helps the ego.



Your dog barking

is music to your ears

but when reflecting

it is noise that I hear
(explanation click here)





Think outside the box and you will find yourself in another box.


I do not know whether I know nothing.


Writing is the highest of all the art forms then comes music. What's next?


It seems to me if one is omniscient and omnipotent he would choose a lesser state of being just for the shear adventure.


No, nature is not perfect because it is ruthless on the weak.


Each atom is actually the size of the universe. Its sphere of influence is the size of the universe.


Rational thinking is more challenging than wishful thinking which leads to irrational thinking.


If something happens once it can happen again.


Infinity and self-referentialism are at the root of consciousness. Dah!


"Torque" is one cool word. Like, he's got torque! Why are not the cool people using it?


The streets in Athens are so disordered that if you were to make three right turns around a block you will not end up where you stared. Its even worst if you made three left turns.


The true color of the absence of light is a light purple, not black. Odd? somehow the universal color wheel has shifted so we now perceive black as the absence of light. Could this be?


Very advanced civilizations have transplanted themselves into a non physical environment. This is the reason we have not heard from them.


It is the duty of mankind to use scientific and philosophical principals to create a moral system to suite our species and to maximize free will and the welfare of the individual and society.


Obviously the weirdest of all phenomena is sentience. Are you aware of that?


Heaven would be hotter than hell if it wasnít for air conditioning.


Bridges built with faith will crumble and fall.


I would not walk on a bridge that requires prayer for its strength.


God gets good press no matter what he says or does. I should find his press agent.


May you awaken from the tyranny of faith.

Wisdom is the highest human attainment.


The search for truth is the greatest adventure.


The Gardiakos principle states: If people are always willing to work to buy things they need or want and people have things or services to sell, why do we ever get an economic recession let alone a depression? Someone must be messing with the Gardiakos Principle. Who and Why?


My Epitaph - Variations:

Hey, It's hot down here!

Yes it was all my fault!

Wake me up when its over.

I promise I will never complain again.

Tried to be who he wasn't and failed.

It took him too long to get here.
He certainly did not follow a straight line to his grave.

He should have come here earlier.

I promise not to return.

Lucky for me that hell is air-conditioned.


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