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A Story About You!

Who Me?

Yes You!

Vasilios Gardiakos 

I started to write a story about someone but had difficulty deciding who to write about. An idea slowly crept into my mind that I should write a story about someone very close, you. Yes you, the reader. 

Before writing a story one must know at least something out the subject. You may think I know nothing about you but you are wrong. I know plenty about you. How could that be, you ask? How could I possibly know anything about you?

Well I know that you are reading this. So now I know exactly what you are doing right now. Clever?

Don’t answer! Allow me. I think it is clever! I know you did not ask me but it is my opinion that is clever. So you see I knew that you would not ask if I thought it was clever. Correct. Be honest! 

In addition I know that you will not stop reading “now.” You have continued to read, as I predicted. I am not trying to make you feel bad but you are very predictable. 

So you see you are very predictable. So now I decided not to write a story about some one as predictable as you. Sorry, no offense intended.

If you want a story about yourself, write one yourself. It is called an autobiography. I knew you knew that, but just thought I would mention it to further show how much I know about you. I am not bragging but there was no other way. 

You are so predicable that I knew you would not stop at “now.” You see I am right again. You are predictable. Are you wearing a mental smile in amusement?  I know you will read the final sentence of this story which could have been interesting and perhaps read by millions if you weren’t so predictable. 

It is senseless for me to continue this what could have been an interesting story. My final prediction: You will stop reading here!



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