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Everything is Number!

Everything Is Number - Concept: Vasilios Gardiakos - Photo: Yanni Galanopoulos
Photo: Yanni Galanopoulos - Concept: Vasilios Gardiakos

My Speculations About Reality
Really Speculative!

Vasilios Gardiakos

Our existence is based solely on software that does not require hardware.

When I say our reality is software based without hardware one must understand that the computer that sits on your desk though it seems it is hardware is actually a numerical representation stored in memory that allows you to see and touch it as if it is solid. So in a true sense it is odd to say hardware and software. We say it because we have become accustomed to it. Everything is software. Our thought processes and senses have been calibrated so that our reality looks and seems normal to us. So though it may seem so, it is not odd to say software without hardware. This is normal!

The idea that our reality is software computer based reflects the Pythagorean notion that all is number. The stone, the chair, our bodies are all numbers. This is a good and practical model because a computer manipulates numbers. It is this software computer that creates our reality. Computers use a digital code based on numbers which may digital and analog. Perhaps numbers are data. This supports Pythagoras that numbers have a reality.

Time, space and energy are all numbers. Our minds, our thoughts, our sentience is all number. As Pythagoras said God is a Mathematician and in fact God is Number. Pythagoras thought numbers were divine, an expression of God’s mind. All of existence is number.

Pythagoras (569/70 – c. 475 BCE)Pythagoras (569/70 – c. 475 BCE)Pythagoras (569/70 – c. 475 BCE)Pythagoras (569/70 – c. 475 BCE)Pythagoras (569/70 – c. 475 BCE)Pythagoras (569/70 – c. 475 BCE)Pythagoras (569/70 – c. 475 BCE)
Pythagoras (569/70 – c. 475 BCE)

I am obviously discussing a reality generated by a computer from a relatively primitive perspective. The computer model of reality now expressed by me using very simple concepts and is obviously incomplete. One has to imagine our present day computers and what they can do, then project their capacity and capability many fold and allowing for scientific advancements and breakthroughs in unforeseen fields. When I say "all is number" I mean all that numbers can do given that numbers have an intrinsic reality. I use number, mathematics and computer interchangeably though there are subtle differences.

The universal advanced computer creates matter, time and space and sentience and everything inside our realty. How can this be? I certainly do not know how, though I can try to guess. The concept that we are a software computer is speculation. I offer no evidence other than to say it can explain everything and it is simple. I have thought much about this subject, and in my mind the mechanics of how it works are fuzzy but an occasionally the fog clears momentarily allowing me to glimpse at the possibilities. I however find it difficult to express this imagination into words. There remain big gaps in my reasoning however I believe that the mastery of mathematics and computer science will give us power and freedom to go beyond what we thought our limitations were.

Sometime in the future we will be able to duplicate all of realty in a computer, using a very super advanced computer. This advanced computer may be using the identical code as our universal computer. Or we may find the means to tap directly into the Main Computer. This will allows us to create other realities as grand as ours. We will then ask what is reality. Which is real and what is virtual. The answer, all is number thus real and virtual are synonymous. To go one step further the computer which is very malleable will some day be able to create sentient life. After all it is all math. TOE, Theory of Everything is narrowed down to understanding pure mathematics.

Math offers the highest level of complexity and
order using at its base the simplest principles.

I know some of you may say "Vas you have been spending too much time on your computer that you begin to believe that realty lies within those machines." I will not argue that point, I do spend way too much time on the computer. If it were not for computers my idea that we, our reality resides inside a computer probably would have been expressed in a different manner. If Pythagoras was around today, would our primitive computers have inspired him to also gravitate to this way of thinking? Would he also make the call that we live inside a "software" computer? Maybe he did, well before the introduction of our electronic computers.

It seems that reality does not mind what we perceive as complexity. The foundation is very basic, very simple. To reality the simple and complex are treated basically the same. The simple multiplied many fold equals complexity. The expanse of math is infinite. If the possibilities are infinite then this explains our existence. If all is number then mathematically speaking self consciousness is possible. Math allows for reality or existence to be the default state.

Do not be disappointed that "all is number". I am not. There is nothing one can do to change it in any case. That "all is number" may be a benefit as as this gives us the opportunity to examine reality to the core. All is number means that there is order in the universe. All of realty can be understood. All is number means that there are great possibilities. It also means that all can be understood and even more importantly is that we will be able to manipulate our realty in ways that will startle even the greatest science fiction writers.

Share Your Coments With The Cosmos

The genetic code may be considered the local code or personal program of plants, animals and humans. The genetic code is similar to the universal code or master program that creates and runs the universe and all of existence. In other words the genetic code and master code share many characteristics. The genetic code is a sub-code or sub-program of the master program. The two are connected simply because they are part of the same computer program. Even though our genetic code looks compact to us there are links to the master program but perhaps better described as being disbursed within the master program.

Some evidence to backup my view or at least explain it, even though I have no idea how to create matter, that is something solid, I have a working model or a primitive equivalent in our present day computer programs. See computer games, a car crashing on a wall. Yes this is a primitive example but it does exemplify what I am describing.

Another way of looking at the computer model of reality is that our body is the means to participate in the virtual realty. We live in a reality where all of reality is virtual. The computer that contains our realty is also virtual. Does the master program run us or do we manipulate the master program? Is it a give and take? I have many questions and many speculations.

Everything Is Number - Photo: Yanni Galanopoulos - Concept: Vasilios GardiakosEverything Is Number - Photo: Yanni Galanopoulos - Concept: Vasilios GardiakosEverything Is Number - Photo: Yanni Galanopoulos - Concept: Vasilios GardiakosEverything Is Number - Photo: Yanni Galanopoulos - Concept: Vasilios GardiakosEverything Is Number - Photo: Yanni Galanopoulos - Concept: Vasilios Gardiakos
Photo: Yanni Galanopoulos - Concept: Vasilios Gardiakos

Is our reality a virtual reality game played by our higher selves for our enrichment or entertainment? If so, anything goes? Or is our existence manifested to entertain some other higher life forms? Is there a higher life form that requires our essence as a nutrient for its well being in the same manner that we need to eat to survive? I find it odd that we can even ask these questions, thought some of you may considered that I find this odd, rather mundane.

Existence is a default self-referential virtual infinite quantum
gravitational computer holographic mnemonic interactive software
multi-dimensional fractal algorithmic sentient stimulated dynamic continuum.  

Say that ten times, quickly!
Did I leave anything out?

The vastness of the DSRVIQGCHMISMDFASSDC for short or DSR for shorter is the framework for our existence and perhaps other existences. Perhaps existences can happen completely separate from each other and forever disconnected.

That all is mathematics and nothing falls outside this phenomena will take time research and prove. In the all is mathematics scenario of reality is there any thing that is incidental or not accounted for? Are there artifacts in reality which are not accounted for? We will find that the equations we have discovered are ingrained in the universal genetic code in a more base language or in a code which some day we will be able to manipulate and change our reality itself, and hopefully for the better. That all is number will allow us to create what many theologians thought only God was capable of. We will go even beyond the bounds of today’s science fiction even beyond fantasy. Reality is not seamless. We will find the seam and gain great knowledge and power.

The School of Athens - Sistine Chapel
The School of Athens - Sistine Chapel

Mathematics is thought, is the soul, is our dreams, our fantasy, pain, happiness all can be numerated and computerized. Our soul, our thoughts, God is all mathematics. Mathematics is the most basic requirement for existence. It has no mass, dimension and time and yet it can create these and many more phenomena.

To explain that reality is all numbers, it is our sentience that looks at numbers, processes them and forms an image of an apple. The apple itself is numbers. It is very similar to a computer graphics program. A table is just numbers but the monitor forms an image of the table. In the grand scale of things the computer, the monitor and the viewer are also numbers. It is sentience that gives shape and flavor to apples and time to eat them. In a sense we are a computer looking at nature which is itself a computer. We are looking at the workings of a computer. Space and time can be simulated inside a computer in a similar manner that our space and time is simulated. In a sense when we dream of running from a fire we create space from our the mathematical fabric.

To honor Pythagoras  I propose that we
March 14 as Pythagoras Day.
Along with Pi Day

The Computer model of reality can serve us until a better or a new technology elevates our field of vision or some genius somehow jumps on the shoulders of his predecessors and sees not only further but with X-ray vision penetrates the universal genetic code, or the source code in computer lingo.

It seems logical that the neutral state or the default state of existence is non-existence. It seems to me that the more logical form of reality is not to have existence of anything. It is obvious that I am wrong about this since there seems to be an existence, but if simplicity is a fundamental principal then non-existence will be the simplest of all possibilities. It may be however that what we call existence is merely a form of non-existence but this may be just a play on words. But it does seem logical that the simplest state is non-existence. So why is there an existence? Why do we exist? There must be a bias however so slight that mandates existence or makes non-existence impossible. Is the default state existence? It may be that anything other than existence must be an impossibility. Perhaps this is primitive thinking in the eternal cosmic dance but one nevertheless can make the attempt of reasoning about such matters.

Is there a mathematical concept that mandates existence? A positive times a positive equals a positive. A negative times a negative equals a positive. A positive times a negative equals a negative. Rather simplistic, but I believe we owe existence from the simplest phenomena. It also occurred to me in that zero in the ultimate sense is not the absence of existence. Reality treats zero in a different way than we do. From a mathematical perspective existence minus existence does not equal zero or non-existence. By default there is a mathematical asymmetry and it is this asymmetry that is the creative force. We may be part of a negation "whatever" since nothing can come out of nothing. But the opposite may be true in the sense, a minus X times minus X equals a positive. Maybe this mathematical bias precludes nonexistence. It could also be that even though in mathematics 1-1=0, or 0-0=0 in reality zero is not zero or nothing in the absolute sense. Is it possible that we exist due to a mathematical quark?

How can we know that we
are inside a computer?

The Thales era which brought us science is near the end. It is to be followed by the Pythagorean era with the start of the publication of of Document A and the realization that all is number. At the dawn of the new millennium starts the Age of Pythagoras. During the age of Pythagoras we will gain the vision that “all is mathematics” will be more fully understood and realized.  This is the point that we begin to perceive our existence as numerical. From this beginning, giving Pythagoras a fresh new look will allow us to unleash great knowledge and power that comes with this understanding. Advances in computer science will be the important key that will make our future with great advances possible.

Perhaps I am expecting too much from technology to take us to higher level. It may be that our minds have the capacity to do all that technology can. I cannot however escape from the idea that we are unable to flap our arms or think to fly and levitate. We need technology to fly or levitate. It is from this base that I have pursued the technological angle to our future advancement. It will be our mental capacity used creatively that will push technology to a level that will allow us to do that which the mind cannot.

Please keep in mind that some of the above description about realty is speculation. I will not go to war to defend anything that I cannot prove and certainly that our realty is virtual and computer like in nature falls in this category. If only religions and nations of the world followed my advice this would be a more peaceful world. This debate is a scientific one where logical people or scientists can discuss and freely disagree without any fear of violence. It's great that scientists do not use violence to attack the opposition. Yes, in science there also areas of great disagreement but the opponents (not enemies) do not use violence against each other. Often the disagreement creates the framework for advancement not war.

Everything is number:

Is the Universe a Computer? New Evidence Emerges.


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