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Vasilios Gardiakos

a few words about
Vasilios Gardiakos
by N. O. Fan

Vas has interests ranging from music, painting, photography, writing, invention and business. He has had several businesses from the successful restaurant, The Athenian Room at Webster and Halsted in Chicago to big screen TV, Visual Audio Sales and his present "How to Avoid Gum Surgery", Albrite Inc. He has boated down the Mississippi on two occasions. He invented a boat that is propelled by the energy in the waves rather than the wind (example). Though not sports oriented he has played football, weight lifted, skied, scuba dived and skydived. He has fasted and meditated. He feels comfortable in the arts, sciences and philosophy.

DichotomyThe 1980 Solos were performed on a bright, ebony Steinway (perhaps a 1909  K-52) in Chicago which Vas claimed possessed magical musical qualities, "its alive!" The 1992 improvisations were performed in his Kurzweil-Proteus-Elka MIDI studio while leaving in Greece. Click here to hear Dichotomy

Maxi - 294 key midi keyboard controller

Vas designed and has recently completed building the Maxi, a unique 294 key midi  keyboard controller. This two dimensional keyboard can be used with conventional or with alternate tuning key arrangements. He plans to produce a second CD as soon as he fine tunes his new midi music studio.

My Mentorís Autobiography  The Vasilios Gardiakos Interview by Q


Vas has painted or photographed most of his life. He has a special talent for the abstract and patterns. To view his abstract paintings and photographs click here. All the background tiles on this site are segments of paintings, photos or computer guided art. Scroll to the bottom to view the complete tiles.

          Below a 1991 NightLine Chicago article by Anthony Trestana:

1991 "NightLine Chicago" article by Anthony Trestana

The Smile Method - How to Avoid Gum SurgeryVas is presently promoting the second edition of his book, The Smile Method - How to Avoid Gum Surgery and Dentures. His book has been well received by the public sending him many testimonials.

Document AHis forty-one years of research into the scientific proof of the existence of God has finally produced wonderful results. This breakthrough is based primarily on the prime number sequence which is produced only by an intelligence. The evidence is very simple yet very powerful. With little effort you will appreciate God's mathematical artistry. 

Photo: Jennifer L. Moore

Vas in one scene at the shooting of the TV infomercial
promoting the famous portrait artist William Everly.



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