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The Vasilios Gardiakos Interview

Vas is an artist, musician, inventor, writer, businessman, adventurer, philosopher, visionary, and ladies-man. There remain many unanswered questions regarding Vas and his life here on planet Earth. I hope to expose as much of him as time permits.

My name is Q. I am an imaginary interviewer and a very close friend of Vas. I hope this impromptu interview will give you an insight into the journey of his life. I promise that our friendship will not stand in the way of a tough and unbiased interview.

Thanks you for taking the time participate in this what I hope will be truthful interview.

Vas: I am rather busy so proceed. Please keep your questions brief and to the point. It is unnecessary to say truthful as you know me well enough to know that I do not lie. If I said I lied would you believe me?

Q: I will not even attempt to get side tracked with that question. I was hoping I would ask the questions.

Vas: Ask what ever your heart desires that is if you have one.

Q: Did you really own the very successful Athenian Room in Chicago?

Vas: When living in Chicago I started this restaurant which was successful from the very first day. At that time the neighborhood was populated by hippies and those searching for the meaning of life, which made the clientele very interesting. It was hard work but I was young and had a lot of energy.

Q: Many people wonder how you got to live in Tarpon Springs, Florida.

Vas: Well Q, I sold the Athenian Room Restaurant and purchased the Juliet, a 27 foot wooden sloop and headed down the Chicago River and into the Mississippi and perhaps a trip around the world. I slowly realized that the boat was inadequate for such a journey. I lived in New Orleans until the boat was sold. I returned to Chicago and purchased a 32 foot steel sailboat. I repeated the trip and this time I ended up in Tarpon Springs, Florida. I get sea sick so going around the world did not seem practical, so I abandoned the idea.

Q: Is this the whole story or are you hiding something?

Vas: What are you trying to say?

Q: Never mind, why did you leave Chicago

Vas: It’s is really none of your business.

Q: Well I was just asking for the sake of the readers. Was it a girl?

Vas: Did you not hear me?

Q: I think I know!

Vas: Then keep it to yourself. Next question

Q: How did you end up writing a book?

Vas: I assume you mean The Smile Method - How to Avoid Gum Surgery and  Dentures. I was not supposed to be a writer till next life time. So writing it in this lifetime was a surprise to me. I must admit that I enjoyed doing the research but found the writing very difficult. It would have been easier in my next lifetime.

Q: Ok! I was informed that you tried to solve one the impossible geometric problems.

Vas:  At a very young age I tried to square the circle. I attempted to square the circle using what I found later was called algebra. Shortly thereafter I found out that the solution to squaring the circle was limited to using only a straight edge and a compass. Oh well! The Greeks have a name for this tortuous and silly obsession "tetragonidzein." 

Later I became more aware of what Archimedes called the three impossible problems. One was to trisect an angle. I tried solving this ancient problem with a compass a straight edge and a little knowledge of geometry. At one point I thought I had solved this problem which had eluded many great minds.

With a great feeling of accomplishment I gave my trisection solution to my high school architecture teacher Mr. Jarvis. He was amazed at what seemed to him to be a solution. After several days he called me to his desk and showed me the flows of my solution. He mentioned that he convened a meeting of some science teachers and showed them my trisection solution. He increased the angle to make the error more pronounced and visible. Oh well! That ended that obsession!

Q: What happens when we die?

Vas: We live in a Pythagorean mathematical soup. We live in this soup in one form or another and this is where we remain. I believe that there is no delete mechanism in the scheme of things. We are not asked to consent to exist nor to desist.

Q: Do you believe in reincarnation.

Vas: That we exist at all is the “difficult” part or the oddity we call reality. Reincarnation is a mere triviality in the list of things that are possible. I believe "if something happens once it can happen again". Loops and spirals are all over reality. But saying all this, I do not believe in re-incarnation. What I believe is that though this phenomena is possible it is unlikely.

Q:  So what do you believe happens when one dies?

Vas: I suspect death is not terminal. But if it is, that’s ok. The link that connects the physical body to our higher self is broken upon death. The link is similar but to the links we use in this website but obviously more advanced. The higher self does not die. The link is broken or disabled and perhaps connected elsewhere.

Q: Are you afraid of death?

Vas: No, I am not at all afraid of death. The process of dying, now that’s another matter. When young I would dream that I would die a hero in the arms of a beautiful woman with a smile on my face. Now more a realist devoid of fantasy I just hope that my process of dying will not be a painful one. It would be nice to die in my sleep.

Q: Do you believe that there will be time travel?

Vas: Yes. We will be able to view the past but will not be able to change it. We will be mere spectators to the past. Perhaps history will have to be re-written as we observe the past, witnessing every little detail. This could also mean that the future is observing us. Worst yet the future is watching me! I better be good! Maybe all of us better be careful what we say and do. As for travel into the future, it will be a one way trip, one will be able to travel to the future but will not be able to return to the present.

Q: Some one once questioned your appreciation of art.

Vas: As Kojak, the lollipop-sucking lieutenant and one of TV’s greatest crime fighters once remarked, “I love art, good art even bad art.” I feel the same way. I love all art but love good art a lot more than mediocre art!  Unfortunately today people say some things are art which in my opinion are not or are non-art. Artists today often hang their experiments for sale for big bucks. Thought there are many fine artists today much of the art shown at art museums and galleries is chosen for their creative qualities often completely ignoring esthetics. Very sad!

Q: Please tell me about the two times that you sailed down the Mississippi River.

"Juliet" on the Mississippi River

Vas: Actually I did not sail, I motored down the great Mississippi River. The first time with "Juliet" (see above) all he way down to New Orleans. The second time I traveled with "Aethra" (see below) to New Orleans and then to Tarpon Springs, Florida. I do not want to go into details as your allotted time will run out.


Q: I hadn't realized I had a time limit! I am always the last one to find out about these things. Darn it! Why did you name your website You consider yourself an artist ad a musician but you do not dance!

Vas: "Dance" is for the dance of life which is obviously the most important phenomena to each of us.

Q: Do you believe in God?

Vas: Early on I did as a matter of being taught to have faith to believe. Later when looking for the evidence and not finding it I became an atheist. To me important issues require proof. During the many years of working on the Document A, as I  uncovered more evidence I slow began to believe. I should add that this God is the Pythagorean God and not any of the Gods of the various religions. Probably very powerful but not infinitely powerful. God to us is the first Extra Terrestrial Intelligence.

Q: Are we living in a virtual reality of a higher order?

Vas: Q, you certainly ask tough questions.

Q: I know you do not like small talk.

Vas: Well, you are right about that. We live in a computer-like software. Nothing is solid, everything is virtual including time, space, sentience and God.

Q: What is the origin of Document A?

Vas: It was in 1964 when I was 18, by the way 18 is the only number that is twice the sum of its digits,
I noticed the 3, 4 and 5, the 3_4_5 skip sequence in pi. This sequence represents the smallest whole numbers in the Pythagorean triangle. I thought it to be odd. I examined this and other criteria about pi in an attempt to understand it. I devoted time on it intermittently during the following decades not knowing where it was to lead me.

Q: Is Document A complete?  What is beyond G and 9 grid marks? What are you hiding?

Vas: Document A is complete and I am not hiding anything. There is nothing beyond G an 9 at least for the time being. Yes it is possible that other constants may have similar characteristics as the three that I examined in Document A.

Q: Is there a Document B?

Vas: No, not to my knowledge. Document B will however emerge. We may have to go to Document Omega to get the full understanding of our existence. I want to make it perfectly clear, I do not have a Document B.

Q: Will Document B be an image?

Vas: If it is a graphic it will be a calibration image to help us easily view subsequent images. The calibration image will be a Greek cross or a square or a circle. Once the calibration image has been found the images thereafter will be astonishing.

Q: Have you made any progress on Document B?

Vas: I do not have Document B nor any part of it nor am I hiding any image that is derived from Document Alpha. 

Q: Why is the scientific investigation of the existence and nature of God so important?

Vas: It is important to find the truth backed by scientific evidence regardless of what is being investigated.

Q: Will someone find the 31 equation that produces prime numbers?

Vas: Yes, 31 has been overlooked as an important contributor to producing prime numbers. Someone will discover that 31 is equal to 41 and 59 in the ability to produce prime numbers. When this discovery is made it will make Document Alpha universally accepted by the scientific community. [Someone did discover the 31 prime number producer however it accomplished little if at all to sway the critics]

Q: Are you afraid of any religious reaction?

Vas: I believe the remarks from religious people will be negative. After all I am proving the existence of the Pythagorean God, not any of the religions Gods. I am concerned about the reaction of the unpredictable religious fanatics however this concern is overshadowed by my desire to show to the world Document A and show that the Pythagorean God, the Master Mathematician exists.

Share Your Coments With The Cosmos

Q: What do you mean that we are being recorded?

Vas: I have the suspicion, or should if say a speculation that everything we do is being recorded. Not sure why. I believe gravity has the potential to accurately record all events, even our thoughts. Gravity using a computer analogy is the hard drive of the universe. I may add that maybe we are not being recorded but are on a playback mode. Deja vu any one?

Q: If evolution is true then how did it come to be?

Vas: If we and all the living plants and animals were perfect, evolution would not be required nor would it be a reality. Evolution is not the tool for perfection but a neutral phenomenon that can help the species survive and due to some of its limitations can make them extinct. Unfortunately evolution is very hard on the weak.

Q: Free will, do we have it?

Vas: If we have free will then God is not omnipotent. If He cannot force us to think a certain way then He is not omnipotent thought He will have great means at His disposal do convince us to do as He pleases. If evolution rules, why would we have free will? What survival benefit does free will have? Survival and perpetuation of the human race would be better served if we did not have free will. How does a species acquire free will? What are the mechanics of free will? Not having free will is probably the default state of living entities.

Free will is the ability to choose among the options at hand. Did I just say this because I have free will or is it due do some script? We feel that we have free will and this feeling is so strong that it is difficult to deny that we have free will. This strong feeling of free will is however not proof that we have free will.

Ok. This is the end. I believe that my free will tells me I gotta get back to work.

Q: Vas, thanks for giving me the rare opportunity to show the world the real you.


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