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Does God Exist?
Examine the Evidence and Decide for Yourself
Document Alpha: Expanded Highlights of the Evidence

Will the Life of Pi movie popularize the search for the existence of God?

Vasilios Gardiakos

Document A

What you see illustrated in Document A is there, it is real. You can easily check its accuracy. I urge you to be critical. Be scientific! Do not depend on what others tell you. Document A is simple enough that it can be understood. The math behind it does not require anything more than addition, subtraction and multiplication though what you learn on the first day in high school algebra class will be helpful.

Pi is the most basic of all the constants. Pi has to do with roundness. Many things in our universe are round or strive to attain roundness. From tree trunks to our plants and to man-made things.
Pi is the most perfect shape. I suppose this is the reason that God chose pi to inscribe his signature, announcing that He exists. 

Humans have written countless research papers about pi. The fascination with pi may be a universal phenomena. It is conceivable that mathematicians on other worlds beyond earth have done likewise. They may have also noticed the oddities in pi and wondered why. They may have pressed on and discovered the pi message.

The 3-4-5 (pi = 3.141592653...) Pythagorean triplet is special because it is the simplest and most easily recognizable constant. It seems reasonable that God inserted 3, 4 and 5 in the first five digits of pi so that we would spot it and perhaps wonder why this oddity exists in pi.

Besides the 3-4-5 that is visible very early in pi there are many more oddities which are covered in Document A so the chance occurrence argument is not only weakened but I should say destroyed. More strange is that in pi, (3.1 41 59...) 31, 41 and 59 are primes. What a coincidence? In pi 314159 is a prime and so is the mirror image, 951413. Coincidence or was these oddities included right at the very start of pi so that we will notice them. Strangely, 31, 41 and 59  can be used to generate prime numbers. Can this also be a coincidence? For more oddities click here.

For eons the search for the evidence for the existence of God has not produced any proof. Finally the scientific evidence in Document A proves that God exists. His existence is not the existence of a religious God but the Pythagorean God. There are two reasons I call Him the Pythagorean God. The first reason is that God gave Pythagoras recognition by inserting the 3-4-5 Pythagorean triplet at the very start of pi. The second reason is that Pythagoras had somehow figured out that God is a master mathematician. It is this mutual acknowledgement that makes this so compelling. Perhaps we should more carefully re-examine Pythagoras and his philosophy.

I use He from a traditional point of view. It could be that God is not like he or she. Calling God "It" is not totally accurate either and may offend some people. We really do not know enough about God to make this judgment. We are however forced by the conventions of language to make this decision in order express our ideas so I will use the traditional He.

If there is a God
prove it!

We could call Him God-A, GodA, GodAlpha, AlphaTheos or for that matter just Alpha. Or we can use the Greek Theos or TheosA. These names designate the God referred in Document A, the Pythagorean God. I will use God or GodA and hope that I will lessen any hostility by religious fanatics which may think I am referring to their God. I am not! So not to unnecessarily offend or defend any religion I will name him GodA but use God interchangeably. 

All that I say here is not intended to offend any deity of any religion. When I refer to God I only refer to the Pythagorean God unless I specifically write otherwise. Until the issues about who rules is sorted out I capitalize God, Gods and GodA to give equal respect to all views about the entity that created and perhaps rules over our existence. I am tolerant of religions so I hope that all will be tolerant with my scientific views of God. I am glad that scientists are not violent towards others that hold opposing scientific views. For this and other reasons I obviously want to keep all issues about GodA in the scientific domain.

Document A which contains the evidence that proves the existence of God does not in any way support any religion. I would say it does just the opposite as religions are faith based. Document A, the proof of the existence of God is just that, proof based on scientific principals and not faith or here say. Document A sets a precedent that all statements about the existence and nature of God require scientific evidence which can be verified by other scientists and informed non-scientists alike.

What makes the evidence as illustrated in Document A and the highlights that God intentionally numerated pi is that the oddities are mathematical and all of them are testable. Each of the nineteen points and the non-numbered oddities can be checked for their accuracy. There may be some points that should be rejected because simply they do not properly support the position. Equally important, there may be oddities that I missed that should be included. All the elements of this position can be tested and should be with scientific backing not unsupported generalities. Some of your questions about Document A may be answered here.

SETI (Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence) scientists are especially suited to examine Document A. These scientists are extremely difficult to be fooled by claims of the existence of an ETI. After all GodA can be considered an Extra Terrestrial Intelligence from our perspective. These first class scientists believe in applying sound scientific principles. I will live it up to them and mathematicians and statisticians to scrutinize Document A. GodA is the first Extra Terrestrial Intelligence ETI-A discovered by humans.

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Besides the proof of the existence of God the proof of the nature of God is equally paramount. Is God omnipotent? omniscient? clairvoyant? Is God omni-benevolent? Open your eyes and see for yourself. Look at the facts. Think for yourself. Is GodA omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresent and omni-benevolent? All these qualities require the discipline of proof as vigorous as mathematics however omni-benevolence is the one quality that we can comment on. On the omni-benevolence issue judge God by his deeds. We judge people by what they say and by what they do. Since we do not have direct communication with GodA we can only judge him by his action and inaction. After all as Protagoras of Abdera said "man is the measure of all things!" There are obvious qualities that we can attribute to GodA. Just look around. What has GodA done or failed to do will determine if He is omni-benevolent. We as humans for the most part know what is right and wrong, good and bad. Rational thinking people first look at the facts and then make a judgment.

Document A  Document A - Q & A
Proof of the Existence of God  Everything is Number 


It seems that the Pythagorean God wants us and all in the universe to notice the pi oddities. Geometry is the same everywhere in the universe. So every intelligent being in the universe can decipher the pi message. This message can be understood first hand rather than by hearsay by anyone at any time and any where. The evidences is accessible for all to see and examine it. His existence is not a myth as tangible evidence is provided for all to examine on a first hand basis. I am confident that God is not opposed to using the scientific method to find Him. The evidence shows that He is not hiding from the critical eye of science. I suspect he welcomes critical thinking and scientific investigation about His existence and nature.

Advertising people to help in a marketing campaign use the AIDA acronym helper: Attention, Interest, Desire and Action. If this concept is examined in the topic in hand, the Attention is is the 3-4-5 Pythagorean triplet. In other words the Pythagorean triplet is in pi to get our attention. Interest develops with the 31, 41, 59 prime number oddity. I suppose if this doesn't peak the interest of a mathematician number theory devotee then I suspect nothing will. The Desire blossoms as many more oddities are discovered, and there are plenty on Document A. The Action is the publication of Document A and the dissemination to the interested parties.

One may also interpret AIDA in the following way. The Attention is the 3-4-5 Pythagorean triplet. Interest develops as Document A is examined. Desire fires up when other discoveries are made from Document A. Action is what we earthlings do with the information produced by Document A.

Primarily about Primes

The oddities shown in Document A appear as an intentional intelligent statement. It seems unlikely the oddities as described in Document A of pi, √2 being coincidental are not extremely high but are astronomically high. Any randomly chosen random number should have similar qualities as pi as described in Document A. Furthermore three random sequences should be related in a similar fashion as pi, √2 and S. In order to determine the validity of Document A an experiment can be conducted by mathematicians especially those that dabble in number theory. This experiment should ideally be done only once to simulate my single selection of pi. I however suspect that this experiment will have to be done multiple times to get random number with many "oddities" or qualities similar or pi. So yes randomness can create a number equal to pi but that's like saying that a monkey typing on a typewriter an infinite amount of time will eventually write the Iliad and the Oddity, sorry, Odyssey.

Let me propose an experiment that may be useful in determining the validity that God numerated pi is to see if a human can take pi and in the initial digits edit pi in such a way as to increase or improve the oddities. In other words what small change in pi would make pi more interesting. Another experiment is to start a fresh number sequence and purposely manipulate it so that it contains oddities similar to the ones  illustrated in Document A. Perhaps 235713171931... consisting of Mersenne Primes would show intelligence but lacks other properties which pi possesses. Perhaps 345112358132134... which consists of the Pythagorean triplet and the Fibonacci Sequence. These are interesting numbers but do not incorporate any interweaving properties with other constants such as illustrated about pi in Document A. The question remains, what number would be more interesting, possessing properties that can be viewed as intelligent and is interwoven that would be greater than what God did to pi.

The math I used in Document A does not contain conventional mathematical signs such as the plus and minus symbols. I often take liberties with numbers that mathematicians would find disturbing, however God doesn't not use these man made symbols and conventions. The universal math has no constraints in its evolutionary path. Some facets of the fundamental math are elastic.

In the infinite landscape of numbers there are all kinds of oddities. God as well as humans know this. This is why He put the oddities right up front in pi. If the oddities appeared in the infinite reaches of pi we would expect it as noted on the first sentence of this paragraph. My thinking is that God intentionally created the oddities up front so that they would attract attention. To repeat, if the oddities appeared farther in they may never be found and if they were found they would not be considered as being out of place and again I will refer to the first sentence.

why does Pi have so many Oddities
 while other numbers do not

Another way to approach the oddities issue is to examine some near pi numbers. These near pi numbers are systematically generated by adding or subtracting a small fraction from pi so as to stay near the numerical equivalent to the God numerated pi. I will first add then subtract from pi 0.01010101010 from pi. On the second sample add then subtract 0.01111111111 from pi. I will then attempt to find oddities in the newly numerated (near) pi examples.

Here are the results. The near pi numerical equivalents are on the right. 

3.1415926535... + 0.0101010101... = 3.1516936636...
3.1415926535... - 0.0101010101... = 3.1314916434...

3.1415926535... + 0.1111111111... = 3.2527037647...
3.1415926535... - 0.1111111111... = 3.0304815424...

If or when you find many oddities in 3.1516936636 and the other near pi numbers continues your effort and find additional cross oddities that include S and √2. When done send me your results and I will post them on this site.

That Document A proves the existence of the Pythagorean God deserves the scrutiny of science. Mathematicians and other scientists should examine Document A with a very critical eye. Perhaps there are other means to examine Document A which scientists are invited to investigate. Perhaps a statistical approach will yield some interesting results.

Does GodA want to prove his presence by weaving the geometric fabric in such a way so that we can detect his creation. Is there more than “here is the evidence that I exist” to be found in these or other geometric or mathematical constants? Have I found any evidence of a direct communiqué other than I what I exhibit in Document A? The answer is NO. Now that document A has been made public where is document B? For the record, no I do not have a document B nor do I know of any one possessing it.

Will publishing this information lead to such great advances that a privileged group can permanently maintain their edge and dominate and rule over every one? I have pondered this question and hope that GodA has figured a way to prevent this from happening. I realize He has failed to maintain a cerebral and financial equilibrium before so why expect Him to have in place such a safeguard? This alone almost prevented me from publishing Document A. Another valid argument however motivated me and that is that Document A may spawn another revolution perhaps equal to the golden age of Greece. Perhaps Document A or Document B will lead to us to the resource pool of cosmic knowledge. I can not even begin to imagine what Document Omega will contain and what effect it will have on all intelligent life in the universe.

Humans naturally gravitate to magic and superstition to explain their environment. Humans choose which myths to believe are real and which myths are fiction. Even during our modern age many still have not grasped the gift of rational thinking and cling to the supernatural. Document A is too abstract or too dry for most people to appreciate as the proof of the existence of God. It has no story line, no suspense and no action to make it palatable.

It was a few great men that gave us rational thinking that enabled us to reach the technological level we are in today. If there is intelligent life elsewhere in the universe it is likely that they never entered the age of rational thinking. It may be that an occasional single spark here and then cannot reverse the state of a civilization centered on superstitious beliefs. What happened in Greece was several great man surrounded by other great men can lay the path. It’s up to us to follow it and expand it. Several sparks can then light the surrounding fuel of rational thinkers.

Is it possible that God, now that He has our attention has more to communicate to us? Will it be in the form of an image or a Pythagorean type of numerical language? There exists the possibility that Document B will convey this message in either of these methods. If the message is a graphic the first image I suspect will be a calibration image perhaps a geometric figure like the Greek Cross, a square or a circle. It is also very possible that once this greeting card was made by GodA no additional messages were made. I however suspect that we will find more communications from GodA.

I propose that we have a scientific investigation of the existence and the nature of God. We have after all had scientific investigation into the existence of UFO’s, psychic phenomena etc. I am confident that GodA will not run to hide from the critical eye of science.

Whatever may come out of Document A or other documents on the scientific investigation on the existence and nature of God is for the interest of all the citizens of this planet. So please if you make any progress in this area, publish in many areas so that no government or religion may put the lid on your discoveries. This is not a national (USA) security issue but a world information issue and must always be so. No government, organization or religious group should ever monopolize the scientific data of the existence of intelligent life beyond. 

I sincerely hope that what ever I say here in this site does not offend any individual, any religion or ideology. In the process of trying not to offend any one religion there is always the risk that I have offended far too many. This is clearly not my intention. However I understand my bluntness can offend, my intentions are not such. If you are religious, I harbor no animosity toward your faith so please be tolerant of my scientific reasoning. If you are offended just promise yourself not to visit this site again. 

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