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The Gardiakos Oracle
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Vasilios Gardiakos

My Predictions:

1978: I made the electrifying prediction that by the 2000 in the USA 5% of all the cars manufactured will be electric. I had speculated that an unforeseen breakthrough in electric energy storage would emerge. Was I wrong! Were sinister forces at work to thwart my prediction? Just kidding! For this reason I was demoted from Oracle to Ex-Oracle. Not kidding!

1987: We will find proof that life exists or existed in our solar system outside earth by 2011.

1987: By the year 2047 people will be able to choose to have a leopard fur on their head instead of hair

1988: The Parthenon will be completely rebuilt by robots by the end of the 21st century.

1988: To make use of more land on earth we will light up Antarctica and melt the ice. To avoid flooding on the earth and give life to the Moon and Mars we will develop giant cannons to shoot the excess water to them. The added heat at the equator will be reduced by giant screens in outer space to filter out some of the suns rays. The lighted and warmer Antarctica will make it habitable by humans. The next phase will involve heating up the Arctic to make Northern Europe, Russia, Canada and Alaska accessible by ships.

1988: By 2150 we will start the process of cooling down Venus to prepare it for human habitation. We will use giant screens to reduce the light reaching the surface and thus reduce the temperature to approximate the earths.

1988: In the future we will be able to deprive the brain of all sensual stimulation at will. The ultimate "turn off."

1988: By the year 2052 all houses will be operated by batteries. If you run out of electricity just go to the local store and purchase the fist size batteries and insert them into the electric panel. There may not even be an electric panel and the batteries will be inserted into the fridge, lamp or oven. The absence of electric wires and polls will beautify our streets and countryside.

1989: By 2036 we will have solved the desalination problem and deserts will bloom. Looks like this will happen much sooner. See

1989: Food factories by 2038 will make farms obsolete. This will have the effect of returning the lands to wilderness. How will this effect migrant farm workers?

1990: By the year 2018 we will have an in the ear a hear translator or language translator. You will be able to be in a room of people each speaking a different language and you will be able to hear the translation in the voice of the speaker. The hear translator will increase international tourism. The European Union will especially benefit from this. Just in case your memory fails you just wiggle your big toe and this device will whisper in your ear the name of the person you are talking to and what was said in the previous conversation. You will have instant music, radio programming or noise cancellation on command. Playback of all conversations can come in handy to settle arguments.

1996: We will have flying cars by 2077 not levitated by thrust but by other means, perhaps by an anti-gravity device. Mountain-top and hill-top properties will be in demand. Tip: Buy the mountain and hill tops now while prices are still reasonable.

1999: By the year 2100 we will find the mathematical model of consciousness. This will allow the creation of artificial intelligence that is sentient.

2002: Turkey will join the European Union by 2018. Later Turkey will withdraw from the EU but Thrace including Constantinople (now called Istanbul) which is on the European mainland will choose to stay in the EU as a separate country. To break ties with Turkey and give itself legitimacy it will call itself Byzantium.

2002: England will leave the EU by 2030 and join the North American market. Russia will join the EU by 2035.

2003: By the year 2015 we will be implanting cell phones into the users body. The microphone the size of a dot will be inserted at the tip and slightly under the nose. A tiny speaker will be implanted in the ear canal. The dial pad will be electronically tattooed on the forearm or the palm of the hand. It can be made visible at a touch of two widely spaced fingers simultaneously on the forearm or palm of hand. The key pad becomes invisible when not in use. The communication between the in-body computer, the keyboard the tiny microphone and speakers will be done with wireless technology.

2003: A movie will eventually be made to include all the greats of the past. Bogart and Marilyn will be in be animated to such perfection they will seem alive.

2003: On the 80th anniversary Casablanca will add be re-made using the original footage and seamlessly mixed with new scenes and an expanded ending.

2004: Alpha31 will be discovered by 2014. Explanation: In pi, 3.14159 (31 41 59) 41 and 59 can be used to generate prime numbers. No formula has been discovered that will produce all the prime numbers however two formulas that include 41 and 59 are very productive. Has 31 been overlooked in the search for other productive numbers?

Euler's formula using 41 and Ulam's using 59 yield prime numbers 47.5% and 43.7% respectively. For 31 to qualify as an equal to 41 and 59 it must generate at least 39.9% prime numbers. This 39.9% is calculated by 47.5 - 43.7 = 3.8. To establish the lowest acceptable level, 3.80 is subtracted from 43.7 to get the 39.9% figure. So if you have the passion for discovery proceed to make this prediction come true.

Note: On March 6, 2009 Steve Homewood announced his discovery. To quote: I thought you and your readers would be interested to know that there is a formula for 31, just like 41 and 59. It is 31 + 2n squared + 4n. It gives a result of primes 43.5% of the time for all answers up to 10,000,000. So, no, 31 has not been overlooked.

2004: In 2006 Document A was published. Document B will emerge after 2014.

Share Your Coments With The Cosmos

2004: We will discover the first of several non-orbiting planets within two light years of earth by 2040. We will discover the first of boulder size rocks orbiting the earth within 500,000 miles by 2030. We will discover a small solar system with a non-luminous sun within three light years from earth by 2020.

August 3, 2006 article does not support my prediction but it shows that it is possible:

July 27, 2011 Found at last: Earth's first companion asteroid. This article is close to my prediction but the rock needs to be within 500,000 miles. Close but not there yet.

2004: We will discover another planet in our solar system larger than Pluto by 2010.

Note: Looks like I was right about this! Good old Sedna was discovered just to make my prediction accurate. Sure! Then off course some astronomers say Sedna is too small to be considered a planet making my bragging rights seem premature.

Note: The classification name recently given to Pluto-like objects instead of "dwarf planet" it should have been pluton. So that we have planets and plutons orbiting our sun. This would have given a proper justice to Pluto and its fan club for the demotion.

2005: In the year 2011 FYROM (the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia) comprising of Slavic people with a large Albanian minority will be forbidden by the E.U. to name their county Macedonia. It will be determined that since the majority of the current citizens of FYROM are no longer Greek that another name be given to reflect the present ethnic makeup. Why not Slavobania to reflect the present day ethnic makeup of the country? They should be able to name their country whatever they want and does not even have to be named after the ethnic citizenry but certainly not a name that falsifies the ethnic makeup of the area.

If one recalls in the original Olympics that for one to participate he had to be Greek. Many Macedonians participated and in fact were victorious on several occasions. From this we can deduce that the Macedonians are Greek and not Slav or Albanian.
Macedonians in the Olympics

2007: I recommend to all investors to consider purchasing land which is on top of mountains or hills. The days of flying cars will make these locations very desirable.

12-2007: By year 2019 scientists that had supported that human produced carbon dioxide is the primary cause of global warming will admit that it is a minor contributor to the earth greenhouse effect.

1-2008: By 2038 science will determine that the age of the universe is 30 to 300 billion years old. Science may also determine that it is eternal.

7-25-2009 Because I lived in Chicago one morning at breakfast sitting with with 10 friends I had all of them write down their guess as to the high bid for Chicago’s Old Main Post Office which was to be auctioned.  On 8-27-2009 the high bid was $40 million the exact price I had written down. The low was $5 million and the high $70 million.

6-2010: By 2019 scientists will be able to insert intelligence DNA into animal genetic code doubling the IQ of many animals.

2011 By the year 2022 astronomers will determine that the shape of the universe is not a sphere but is ellipsoid.

8-19-2013 Had been following the Bradley Manning case and predicted that he would be sentenced to 38 years in prison. He received a 35 years prison sentence on 8-21-2013.

In the far future:
We will be able to observe the past but incapable of altering it.

We will be able to travel to the future but not return to the present.

Constant prediction: I occasionally buy the lotto (lottery). I always predict that I will not win. I have been right in this prediction over one hundred times in a row. I hope to be wrong sometime and soon. Really, I will either win or someone else will. Why is it always someone else? In any case I rationalize that I purchase the lotto so that I can contribute financially to improve the education system in Florida. Yea!

On Predictions: Obviously the farther out one tries to predict the more likely they will be wrong. For fun see Going back to ancient times, witnessing the great scientific progress of the Greeks and looking forward one may have predicted that the Greeks would go to the moon and back but yet they did not accomplish this. Remember the Romans? They put a halt to what would have been an accurate prediction. So what seemed inevitable fizzled out. The reason I bring this up is to let you know that I do not make long term predictions beyond this century. I may however write about the great possibilities the far future may bring but do not see myself doing this in the near future.


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