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Symbol of the Alphagoreans

The symbol of the AlphaPythagoreans or Alphagoreans for short is the Alpha-Omega and Compass-Paper illustration. Alpha-Omega covers everything including God. Everything must be examined including God using the scientific method. The compass shows that God, must be measured critically then fixed on a medium, perhaps paper accessible for all to see and contemplate its significance.

Symbol of the Alphagoreans

Alphagoreanism is not a religion. I am confident that the Pythagorean God does not want to be worshipped. Alphagoreans are those that want to participate in the quest to the scientific investigation of the existence and nature of God. Anyone with a similar goal is welcome. The God we are investigating is the Pythagorean God and Document A is the introduction.

I do not want to start a new religion. There are in my opinion already too many religions each with different prospective about their God and use their methods of dissemination. Alphagoreans will not adopt the violent methods of the various religions that for eons have used to spread their word and win converts. It is however important to spread the proof that the Pythagorean God exists but will use non-violent means only. Our strength comes from logic and the scientific method so these methods will be used.

Alphagoreans like myself, prefer that all important phenomena be backed up by scientific evidence. The existence of ETI, ESP, UFO, Atlantis, ghosts, levitation, precognition and God and Gods are very important issues that must be proved to be believed. Logical people require various degrees of evidence to believe in these and similar phenomena. Now for the existence of Santa Claus and pink elephants which is not an important issue with me, if someone told me that pink elephants exist, I would tell them sure they do! Alphagoreans more specifically demand scientific evidence of the existence and nature of God and Document A illustrates the evidence.

It's not so because I say it is. The evidence speaks for itself. "It is so because I say it is so" may prevail in faith systems but not to Alphagoreans. Before Document A can be accepted as proof of the existence of God it must first be examined by scientific, logical and critical minds. Only when this community of scientific thinkers so acknowledge it, it will remain as evidence. Peer review is a fundamental principle of the scientific method. Religions shun scientific investigation into the proof of the existence of God. Not only will I not run or hide from scientific investigation but I welcome it.

Could it be that the Pythagorean God is Zeus? This is meant as a compliment and hope that those that believe in Zeus take no offense. The Greek connection makes Zeus a good candidate to be the Pythagorean God, after all He was the Man on the throne for a long time. He may have replaced other Gods and soon he was also dethroned. But again scientific evidence is required to support the assertion that He, Zeus is God. To extend this logic proof is required for all the Gods.

If I base my belief on faith then I will believe on the Greek God, Zeus. After all I am Greek. I will rather believe blindly in Zeus rather than any of the Gods or ideologies with foreign names. Polytheism and monotheism are irrelevant as I do not have a shred of evidence favoring one over the other. Polytheism seems more interesting but I will never the less stick with Zeus. So the native God for me. The vast colorful mythology about Zeus and the surrounding deities make for a rich religious experience and the celebrations would be grand. Could there soon be a revival of the Greek Gods and return Zeus to the throne? Are we ready to enter the Pythagorean Era, the era of the proven God? I believe some of us are.

It is great to create God in our image, imperfect as the environment we live in. I hope that people do not confuse mythology with reality and adopt a myth and elevate it to a religion. If it sounds like a myth it is probably a myth. If it includes talking serpents or any animal for that matter watch out. If it includes extraordinary cast of characters whether a deity, wizards, witches or demons and the like doing extraordinary deeds, it is a myth unless proven otherwise. One must be careful not become obedient to an ideology by faith alone. No, I am not obedient to Zeus.

Many people easily believe a story is a myth if they are told it is a myth. Surprisingly many people will just as easily believe a myth is real if they are told that it is real. Myths can just as easily be believed as fiction or reality and this depends on how they are presented and how they are perceived. I slowly realized that Santa Clause was a myth as the evidence of his existence never materialized. So even a child does not want to be fooled.

Confusing? As a freethinking person and scientist I am an Alphagorean. When I want to associate with a deity I choose Zeus. Officially I am Christian to avoid religious retribution by any God fearing individuals or religions. Who wants to burn at the stake? When I die and obviously no longer fear "religious" persecution I want only Alphagorean or Zeus symbolism on my gravestone. I should however clarify that neither Alphagoreanism nor Dodecatheon are religions.


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