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Artificial Sentience
Are You Aware of This?

Vas Gardiakos

Is Artificial Sentience possible?
The answer is yes and here is why and how.

Scientists and philosophers have been pondering if we will ever create artificial intelligence that will rival human intelligence. The answer is yes. We will be able to create artificial intelligence that will rival and even surpass human intelligence. In some areas like mathematical computation machines outpace humans by a great margin. The next question, a little tougher, will we ever be able to give this artificial intelligence sentience? Time, space and matter are the tougher phenomena to explain. Life and sentience are easier phenomenon as they use the existing time, space and matter to be created.

The computer will some day be able to create artificial sentience and intelligence. After all, everything is number as Pythagoras stated. All of reality even consciousness is number. All of existence is math. Since all is number we can make great progress in developing artificial sentience.

As an example of what I am talking about lets use animal genes. We can digitize the egg and sperm and insert into a computer. In the future with more advanced knowledge about genetics and computer science and technology we will be able to mate the egg and sperm. From there we will be able to simulate the embryonic state of an animal or human. Eventually the simulation will become real.

Now that we have the human genome in the computer we have available the blueprint to find all aspects about living organisms including the sentient principle. We will employ the commonly used method of "reverse engineering" to discover what sentience is and how to duplicate it and finally how to improve it. Will we create an environment inside the computer for the cuman to roam or will we allow it to peer at our reality though artificial senses?

The introduction of the genetic code of various species including humans into computers will allow us to do great experiments with the gene data. In the next phase we will be able to manipulate and master the gene data. We will eventually incubate various life forms that will inhabit the computer. We will in the near future be able to mate a computer egg and a computer sperm and incubate it in the computer. We may also try cloning as a form of reproduction. We will thereafter be able to start from scratch and design and create computer based life forms.  

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Will the cuman see the computer or the software? No. He will see a table, a sky and the universe. It will be as big as the computer power can handle. The wall, the table the cuman touches is actually memory he is touching. The sensation will be like touching a solid.

Legal and Moral Issues

Upon creating the cuman we will be confronted with many legal, ethical and moral issues. If we are ever create sentient life we will make it illegal for us to allow the artificial sentient life to suffer any more than ourselves and better yet not to suffer at all. It will be illegal and unethical to have cumans suffer. No devastating natural events or disasters will be allowed.

We must create the cumans perfect enough so that they will live in harmony. The Cumans will be given free will and wisdom and the desire to apply both.

The cumans will not be given any desire to destroy or kill anyone. We will be obligated to make sure that the cumans do not experience any disasters or have have genetic defects. We will not be allowed to punish them for disobeying us. The cumans will not be born with any bad strikes against them. We will not burden them with the mistakes of their predecessors.

Would we be allowed to give the cumans enough intelligence to equal ours or even to surpass us? Would we be allowed to give the cumans the resources to become our masters? Frightening just to think about some of these issues.

The cuman will be created perfectly enough so evolution will not be a required. Early on however if perfection of cumans cannot be achieved evolution may be required. Evolution can run undetected in simulated mode in the background and make genetic and environmental adjustments to enhance the lives of the cumans. No individual cuman will be sacrificed by evolution or other means for the benefit of the whole.

As our knowledge grows on how to manipulate our existence, we will be able to reproduce all phenomenon that the we now think is the province of God. Even life and consciousness will be duplicated and possibly surpassed by humans. It is the duty of mankind to use scientific and philosophical principals to create a moral system to suite our species and to maximize free will and the welfare of the individual and society.

One question that has bothered me about sentience is what evolutionary advantage do animals possessing it have over animals not possessing it that or are robotic like. In other words a sentient animal will remove a limb from a fire because it hurts whereas a robotic like animal will remove the limb because its sensors determine that it is harmful if not removed. At the surface both seem to have equal protection. Maybe looking deeper into the advantages, possessing sentience for reasons not obvious has an evolutionary advantage and this is why we have it. 

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