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For Immediate Release:

It's a Prime that God Exists:
How God has Manipulated the Universal Constants

The proof of the existence of God has eluded the best scientific minds. For eons there have been many attempts to prove the existence of God but none offered any substantial scientific evidence that is until Vasilios Gardiakos made a startling scientific discovery.

When Vas was eighteen he noticed that pi (3.141592653...) starts with 3_4_5, which is the smallest Pythagorean Triplet possible that forms the Pythagorean triangle which is easily associated with the Pythagorean Theorem. Being a Pythagorean admirer this oddity nagged him for years. He began to scrutinize pi and a few other mathematical constants. Being persistent he discovered more of these oddities which are related to prime numbers, the sign of intelligent manipulation and the cornerstone for SETI, the Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence. As time progressed these oddities grew in such numbers and strangeness that he could only come to one conclusion. It was undeniably the scientific proof that not only does God exist but that He artfully manipulated the universal constants so that when we or anyone in the cosmos discovered the oddities would become aware of His existence.

The God that exists as proven by Document A is the Pythagorean God and not to be confused with the Gods of present day religions. Pythagoras had said that all is number and God Himself is a mathematician. Certainly the Pythagorean God is a Mathematician Who not only could but did manipulate the mathematical and geometric fabric to announce his presence. He inserted the 3-4-5 triplet in pi, in recognition of the many contributions Pythagoras has made. The universal mathematical and geometrical constants, designed by the Pythagorean God are intended to be discovered by all civilizations no matter where they are located in the universe. Document Alpha as is is also known illustrates and explains in detail God's eternal greeting card.

After 41 years of research and on his 59th birth-year Vas made his findings available online for all to examine. 41 and 59 are found right at the beginning the pi 3.14159 sequence. Oddly 31, 41 and 59 taken from 314159 are prime numbers. Adding to the oddity 314159 and its reverse image 951413 are both prime numbers. Prime number sequences are intriguing in that they are not found in nature and can only be generated by intelligent beings. Odder still, 41 and 59 have the unique property of being able to generate prime numbers!

If you are interested in seeing the first scientific proof of the existence of GodA or ETI-A (Extra Terrestrial Intelligence-A) with additional oddities and all the details visit


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